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Radio Theatre productions limited

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Radio Theatre Productions UK Ltd


Radio theatre UK specialise in radio drama productions - from our own brand of comedy drama, to creative corporate pod-casting and voice overs.

We have multiple script writers and session staff to accommodate any production. We have run workshops in schools, community groups and amateur and professional drama groups all over the country. Our team is made up from professional audio engineers, producers, writers and radio broadcast specialists. All staff have a full enhanced CRB and have either teaching or youthwork qualifications. It is also an advantage to have signed music producers and highly experienced sound recordist's and foley artist's amonst the staff, to bring a full professional production to life.


Radio drama traces its roots back to the 1880s, but had a dip in listeners in the 1950's with the invention of Television and the visual media taking priority, But now people are re-visiting this format due to the amount of people who own a personal mp3 player and mobile phone, with podcasting and radio apps and the influence over the market that itunes has aquired, the world of the Radio Theatre production and podcasting is back with a bang!


Northen Voices:

Short documentaries:

Desser on gigging

You've been given a voice to use...

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The Biblingshire Chronicles

A series of comedy radio/audio plays

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